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These 10 Foods Are The Most Hydrating

Fruits and veggies boast a slew of vitamins and nutrients, but also H2O! That means you can help meet your daily water needs through your food choices as well, meaning you will have less chance of becoming dehydrated.

Water is the "forgotten nutrient". Many underestimate its critical importance and the need to stay hydrated. As the weather warms, we are more prone to sweating and dehydration, which increases our body's requirement for hydration. Water makes up more than two-thirds of our body's weight and helps with a variety of functions including lubricating and cushioning our joints, and aiding elimination of waste.

Here are 10 foods to help you keep hydrated these warmer months:

1. Celery
2. Zucchini
3. Radish
4. Grapefruit
5. Tomato
6. Bell Pepper
7. Peaches
8. Watermelon
9. Strawberries
10. Cantaloupe

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